Customers Experience

More than 100 leading Thai companies trust in ProMaid.
We provide one stop cleaning services, suitable for a wide range of businesses.
Guaranteeing the quality of cleaning services for more than 20 years.

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ProMaid offers a full range of cleaning

services with international standard and

over 20 years of experience.

We provide one strop cleaning services
For private companies, offices, factories and government offices.
We have a professional maid and team
who have undergone rigorous training and background checks
to ensure efficient services.

Customer Experience

Customer experience from real customers who trust in our services.
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Citi Resort 49 Building (Sukhumvit 49)

High-rise Building

ProMaid staff know what they need to do. Great people management. Hard working staff, working on time and coming early. Clean and neat. The staff understand their job very well. Easy to reach, good-natured, smiley, not irritated, listen to opinions very well. I think ProMaid's staff are much better than others. They simply smooth my life.
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Citi Resort Building 39 (Sukhumvit 39)

High-rise building

ProMaid works with high responsibility, making work uninterrupted. They are very consistent and able to help solve problems quickly. Their staff work well with high sense of responsibility. The salesperson is helpful and respond quickly. The supervisor gives full assistance, monitor regularly, and solve problems quickly. Their staff is courteous, compassionate and genuinely supportive, and has high responsibility with no absence of work as well as provide quick communication.
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Mandarin Oriental Hotel


Promaid is an assistant who make our works easier. Great service, experienced team, reasonable price, flexible work. Sometimes our work needs urgency, Promaid can respond to our needs perfectly. We have worked with Promaid for many years now and will continue to choose Promaid services as well as share our good experience received from Promaid.

More than 100 leading companies choose ProMaid

Cleaning professionals for a wide range of businesses such as hotels, health care facilities,
industrial buildings, shopping malls, leading educational institutions both public and private.